Fitness located in the central area of the city on Danube Street location where recreational sports activities can take place. The operating hours is from 08:00 to 08:00 p.m. The price for renting the room is 60 lei/hour.

Activități recreative 01

Fitness Moldova Noua

Activități recreative 02

Fitness Moldova Noua - Interior

Waterfront promenade and relaxing location where anglers try their luck at times.

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Danube promenade 1

Activități recreative 04

Danube promenade 2

Urban fitness area dedicated to all ages. Urban Fitness enjoys great popularity among young people and those older.

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Fitness Zone 1

Activități recreative 06

Fitness Zone 2

Parks playground, sports and Stadionullocuri where children can relax, have fun and experience the thrills with their friends.

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