Cultural centers belonging to the Culture House Moldova Noua are functioning in three townships: Moldova Veche, Macesti and and Moldoviţa, used by residents at local traditional festivals.
Cultural centers in Moldova Veche and Macesti, predominantly Serb municipalities, facilitate the promotion of Serbian culture, and one major event is held every year in Moldova Veche: Golden Cauldron, event having reached the seventh edition.

Cămine culturale și monumente istorice 01The Moldova Noua House of Culture

The two historical monuments of the city are erected to honor the heroes who fell in the first and second world war.

Cămine culturale și monumente istorice 02

Heroes Monument 1944-1945

Cămine culturale și monumente istorice 03Monument to the Heroes of 1918

Cămine culturale și monumente istorice 04Monument to the Miner Heroes who died underground


City Museum functioned until 1998, the year when all the pieces were donated to the museum in Resita, Caras-Severin County.

The local authorities are currently trying to rediscover and revigorate local culture, regardless of its kind: music, dance, costumes, literature, painting, photography, etc.

The House of Culture in Moldova Noua has a rich program of cultural activities of which:

- 1 and 8 March celebrations
- the Danube Day
- Fasang or Masks Carnival
- June 1st
- organizing the festival "Golden Cauldron" in Moldova Veche
- "Ruga - the Town's Day"
- the organization of the event "Days of Culture in Moldova Noua"
- December 1 - the National Day of Romania
- Christmas
- Christmas Concert
- the New Year celebration

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