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Ethnic communities who live here together have made an important contribution to the culture of Moldova Noua, through festivals, traditions, folk dances and specific folk costumes.
Besides the predominant Romanian community, in the town Moldova Noua can be found the following ethnic groups: Serbs, Czechs, Roma:

- the Serbian community is concentrated in two cities: Moldova Veche and Macesti and religiously comply with the old calendar (Christmas - January 7 New Year January 13 to 14, etc.). The celebrations of the two localities and the two churches bring, through customs, tradition, dance and costumes, a specific Serbian color in Moldova Noua's culture.
- the Czech community is a small community, catholic religion, with specific traditions.
- the Roma community is characterized by specific Gypsy art dances and craftmanship.

The Ensemble "Brotherhood" of the House of Culture of Moldova Noua has four dance groups (Romanian, Serbian, Gypsy, modern dance and society) and participate annually in a number of festivals, both at home and abroad, namely :

- "Spring Parade" Festival, Resita - May 1
- Marathon of Serbian folklore, Timişoara - May 15
- International Folklore Festival "Hercules" Herculane - July 13 to 15
- "Proetnica 2007 Festival," Sighisoara - August 22 to 24
- International Festival "Velikogospoinski Sabor 2007 'from Rusko Selo, Serbia - August 28 to 30
- "Pasuliada 2007," Veliko Gradiste, Serbia - September 14 to 15
- National Festival artistic groups of towns and villages - Bucharest
- Danube Folk Festival (Braila, Tulcea)
- New Year Celebration - 31st December.

"Brotherhood Ensemble" was founded in 1968 by merging the authentic Romanian songs band from Moldova Noua (Boşneag) with the authentic Serbian songs band from Moldova Veche. The ensemble was awarded in 1989 in numerous festivals in the country and abroad.

In 1980, the band of authentic Serbian songs toured for one month in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden. It is present every year on the stages of the former Yugoslavia. Since 2001, the ensemble was joined by the authentic Gypsy songs band and the modern dance band.
Since 1990, the ensemble has participated in the following festivals:

- Spring Parade - Resita
- Hercules Festival - Herculane
- Serbian Folk Festival - Timişoara
- Gypsy Dance Festival - Tg. Mures
- Euro-regional festival DKMT (Romania, Hungary, Serbia)

Together with kindergartens and schools in the village, the House of Culture Moldova Noua takes part in cultural-educational activities related to certain anniversaries:

- Europe Day - May 9
- Children's Day - June 1
- Army Day - October 25
- National Day of Romania - December 1
- Performing carols during Christmas feasts - December 22

Other cultural activities taking throughout a year:

Arts Dialogue:
- The event aims to promote Romanian contemporary art and encourage creative exchange of ideas between the consecrated Romanian artists and their younger colleagues.
- it consists of individual or group exhibitions with works of fine art;
- artistic shows take place, where bands from various genres, classical and modern dance, are invited;
- organizing competitions, for example. "We are free to express ourselves as we feel" of drawings, photographs, short films, posters, collages, compositions or any other material which artistically express an idea, a concept.

Traditionally Winter customs:
- Pre-holiday season events dedicated to cultural exchange with neighboring localities, but also further afield, guests presenting various folk customs and traditions;
- Presentation of traditional Romanian cooking recipes from various corners of the country.

Among the leading cultural figures of the town Moldova Noua culture can be mentioned the poets Mihai Leonte and Aleksandar Stoicovici and the painter Bogdan Braila.

Currently there are no local cultural publications as periodical magazines.

Cultural Agenda:
The main days available on the city's cultural agenda Moldova Noua are:

(1) "Fasang"
- An event that takes place outdoors in February - March before the Easter Lent, and in which take part all citizens of Moldova Noua. It is organized by the Municipality and the House of Culture of Moldova Noua, takes place mostly on the streets, where masks make their appearance - in the evening, Culture House Orchestra is officiating the "Ball of masks", event where the most beautiful masks are chosen and awarded.

Activități culturale 01Fasang in Moldova Nouă

(2) "Danube Day"
- Event organized by the Sports Department of Caras-Severin County Council together with the Town Hall and the House of Culture in Moldova Noua. It takes place every year on June 29, when Christian - Orthodox celebrate the Saints Peter and Paul. It takes place outdoors and is a cultural event- dedicated to young people participating in sports competitions - chess, running, tennis, fishing. After the contests, the House of Culture bands present a concert honoring the winners and the Danube.

(3) "The Golden Cauldron" in Moldova Veche
- Cultural and sport event - organized by the Union of Serbs local organization in Moldova Veche, with the support of Serbs in Romania, Caras-Severin County Council, Town Hall, Town Council and the House of Culture in Moldova Noua.
- The event is held every year in early August; starts with a sports program - football, chess, tennis, fishing - then, at noon, there is a contest about preparing the best fish soup. It continues with a folklore show where, besides the House of Culture bands, there are invited bands from Arad, Timis, Caras-Severin and Mehedinti, but also from Serbia; the event ends with a ball.

(4) "Ruga " - the Town's Anniversary
- Event organized by the town, the Town Council and the House of Culture in Moldova Noua which takes place every year in the days of 15 to 16 August, when Christian - Orthodox celebrate "St. Mary and Assumption". It takes place outdoors, with the participation of the House of Culture formations in Moldova Noua, followed by bands and singers invited.

Activități culturale 02Ruga in Moldova Nouă

(5) Culture Days in Moldova Noua
- Organized by the Town Hall, the Town Council and the House of Culture in Moldova Noua, held each year in October, during two days. Both the first and in the second day, in the morning hours there are scheduled symposiums on various subjects (European integration, environment, health, engineering, computer science, literature), where the speakers invited are professors, doctors, engineers. On the first evening, the choir and the modern dance, ethnic and society dance bands of the House of Culture, together with the best ensembles from schools in Moldova Noua, perform an artistic show, followed by a Disco Night for all participants. The second night, bands of folk dances present a folk show, and the evening ends with a ball for all participants.

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