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„DEDA MRAZ”, „NOVA GODINA” – winter holidays, celebrations and balls communities

- Is a manifestation of the Serbian communities in Moldova Veche and Macesti; is associated with the first and second day of Christmas the old rite, ie 7 to 8 January, New Year on old style, ie 13 to 14 January.
- On January 7 band songs and dances Serbian Union of Serbs in Moldova Veche presents a show at the Cultural Centre of Moldova Veche and on January 8, a show at the Cultural House in Macesti, after performances both in Moldova Veche, and in Macesti, organized dances for all citizens of the two towns.
- On January 13 to 14 Cultural Centre organizes New Year on old style orchestra with the participation of the Culture House.

7-8 Ian,

13-14 Ian



- Is an event that takes place outdoors in February - March before Lent St. Easter and in which all citizens of Moldova Veche village. It is organized by City Hall and Cultural Centre in Moldova Veche, takes place largely in the streets, where their appearance masks - street performance, orchestra officiating evening "Ball masks" which are chosen and awarded the most beautiful masks.


Ceaunul de Aur” din Moldova Veche

- Cultural event - organized sports Organisation Local Union with the support of Serbs in Moldova Veche Union of Serbs in Romania, Caras-Severin County Council, City Hall, City Council and the House of Culture in Moldova Noua.
- Manifestation takes place every year in early August; begins with a sports program - football, chess, tennis, fishing - then at noon contest takes place for preparing fish soup and serving it at home Cultural Moldova Veche. It continues with a folklore show where, in addition to the House of Culture bands, and bands participating in Arad, Timis, Caras-Severin and Mehedinti, but also from Serbia, the event ended with a ball.


Ruga la Moldova Veche”

- Event organized by the City Hall, City Council and Cultural Centre in Moldova Veche that takes place every year on 15 - August 16 when Christian - Orthodox celebrate "St. Mary and Assumption". It takes place outdoors, participating in the opening of the program Culture House formations in Moldova Noua, followed by bands and singers professionals invited by the Town Hall.

15-16 Aug

Ziua Pensionarilor

- Is a manifestation dedicated exclusively to older persons; will organize competitions of chess, backgammon, rummy, will hold a free lunch and evening there will be a ball that will celebrate the most enduring couples in the village, the oldest person in the village, the evening will conclude with a theater.

1 Oct

Zilele Culturii

- Organized by City Hall, City Council and Cultural Centre in Moldova Veche, held each year in October during two days. Both the first and in the second day, the morning hours are scheduled symposia on various subjects (European integration, environment, health, engineering, science, literature), which serve as trainers professors, doctors, engineers . On the first night, choir and modern dance, ethnic and society of the House of Culture of Moldova Noua, with the best ensembles of its kind in schools in Moldova Noua, supporting an art show, followed by disco for all participants. The second night, bands of folk dances with orchestra House of Culture presents a folk show, the evening ends with a prom for all participants.


Crăciun fericit!

- Christmas Eve, City Hall, City Council and the House of Culture in Moldova Noua organizes "Day carol" day when children in kindergartens, schools and high school, from the smallest to the largest, come to City Hall to roam managers and employees institutions, the latter being rewarded with gifts. House of Culture Evening bands and shows an artistic schools.

23 Dec

Concertul de Crăciun

- The show includes Christmas carols and famous symphonic pieces.

25-26 Dec



The Easter Dance”

-Is a holiday that takes place on Easter and it’s an old tradition of Moldova Noua involving young and old people dressed in costumes. The event is organized by Moldova Noua City Hall and City Council. This tradition takes place in the town square of the Bosneag Culture House.

February- March

Evening opera in nature"

- Is a classical music concert that is held in June. The event takes place on the Danube shore in Moldova Noua. It is organized by Assumption Parish Moldova Noua.

23 June
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