Muntele Mic is located in the southern Tarcu near the town Caranesbes. Caransebes is at the crossing of four main roads leading north Banat-West- by Lugoj – Timisoara – Arad and southeast – Orsova – Drobeta Turnu Severin – Craiova (DN6 – E70) and to the west – the valleys Pogăniciului and Bârzavei – Resita (DN58) and east through the Otelul Rosu – Sarmisegetuza – Deva and Hunedoara (DN68).

Caransebes access to the resort is on DJ 608A by Zervesti-Turnu Ruieni -Borlova (last place) – The cable Valley Park. By chairlift is 22 Km to go and from there the road climbs to the resort for a distance of 20 Km. The resort is situated at an altitude of 1600 m.

You can choose to board the chairlift, trail length is 3.5 km (the longest in the country), 799 m height difference, journey time 40 minutes. In nice weather chairlift journey is a delight, the same can be said in case of bad weather. It is mandatory to wear a proper winter clothing (gloves, hat, waterproof and windproof jacket).

Winter equipping vehicles with snow chains is obligatory, four-wheel drive is a big advantage.

Work program:

Monday to Thursday 10:00 to 4:00 p.m. – at least 2 trips / day 10h, 16h
(for more than 10 tourists software can be changed).
The principle is a race at 10 and one at 16.

Tuesday overhaul – not working for tourists.

Friday: 09 – 17.00

Saturday, Sunday: 8:30 – 17:00

You can purchase cards in two places, namely:

1. Check Point lift Felix – CASERIA HOME
2. The starting point lift Borlova

SKI PASS lift – 1 day – 60 lei (9-17 HOURS)

Cards 12 lei – 3 pt
Cards 20 lei – 6 pts
Cards 35 lei – 11 dpi

Pas Ski Season 800 lei unlimited access to all installations.

The cards are available daily from 09:00 until 17:00. The cards are rechargeable and are charged a guarantee of Lei 10 until their return to either of the two sales centers. Unused points are lost if not used within the validity period. Using the card by someone other than the holder leads to her arrest and loss of money paid to purchase. In case of bad weather, lack or snowmelt or interruption of electricity equivalent cards are not returned or unused points than the guarantee of Lei 10. The card is individual, non-transferable and must always have in the dvoastra, including in the State of arrival, no card draw buying a new race.

A climb to the ski lift – 1 pt.
The cards and the ski Mount Mic step Superski lift facilities are available on Felix and lift Borlova 1/2 Borlova (when it will be put into operation). Ski-pass type cards are available from 9: 00-17: 00 (not available on the night).
The cards are personal, non-transferable. No points are deducted scrap card. Those points are valid all season up to 30.04.2015. We reserve the right to change prices and opening hours of facilities.
The cards are valid for these installations Felix lift, ski lift Borlova.
Prices include 24% value added tax.

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