Recreational activities

Fitness located in the central area of the city on Danube Street location where recreational sports activities can take place. The operating hours is from 08:00 to 08:00 p.m. The price for renting the room is 60 lei/hour.

Sala de sport Moldova Nouă
Sala de sport Moldova Nouă - Interior

Waterfront promenade and relaxing location where anglers try their luck at times.

Faleza Dunării 1
Faleza Dunării 2

Urban fitness area dedicated to all ages. Urban Fitness enjoys great popularity among young people and those older.

Parks playground, sports and Stadionullocuri where children can relax, have fun and experience the thrills with their friends.

Boat rides are among the most relaxing activities.

The departures to the Ostovul Moldova Veche are made daily (during summer) from 10.00 A.M. to 06.00 P.M. on the pontoon outside Babacaia Bed and Breakfast in Coronini, with the rangers’ boat from the Iron Gates Natural Park.

On request, Casa Creța Bed and Breakfast provides its own boat for visiting the island, leaving from the Danube shore in Moldova Nouă for groups of at least 10 persons. Also at Casa Creța Bed and Breakfast, the people can enjoy water- skiing or enjoy an inflatable towable ride.

Departures to Ostrov or trips on demand on the river are also made from Casa Creța, Caunița and Deian&Deda in Gornea or Danubio in Coronini. Ecaterina Bed and Breakfast in Berzasca has a speed craft for extreme leisure.

Natural Park Iron Gates rangers’ boat and dock

Bed and Breakfast Căunița’s boat and dock, Gornea

Bed and Breakfast Casa Creța’s boat and dock, Gornea

Bed and Breakfast Deian&Deda’s boat and dock, Gornea

Bed and Breakfast Ecaterina’s speed boat – extreme leisure, Berzasca

Bed and Breakfast Danubio’s boat and dock, Coronini

Iron Gates Adventures offers off-road services with visits to the area’s objectives, kayak on the Danube or bike rides. Off-road services are also offered by Caunet Pension. 

The Ecaterina Pension has 6 ATVs for the mountain routes in the area.

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