Ferry Moldova Nouă – Golubac

As of 2019, a ferry-boat connection on the Danube is in use between the city of Moldova Nouă and Golubac (Serbia), the port of Usjie, following the implementation of a program in partnership with the Republic of Serbia. The new means of transportation, called Baziaș4 has a capacity of 50 passengers and 20 cars and will perform a minimum of 2 round trips daily.

Departure from Moldova Nouă (the customs point is in the former Moldomin industrial port – Desecare area). Directions for tourists: Exit from the city of Moldova Noua to Orșova, at the first fork (DN57 intersection with DJ 571, at approx. 1.4 km to Coronini), turn right towards the customs point, from where a distance of about 1 is still covered. , 2 km). The location can be found on Google maps or Waze, seeking “Ferry boat Moldova Noua (RO) – Usjie (SRB)”

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