Attila’s Mound and Legend

Mound located in the southwest of the island Ostrov- Moldova Veche  and herd  of wild horses living on the island led to the legend of Attila. The legend says that Attila was buried secretly and all the soldiers who buried him were killed so the place of tomb of Attila remain secret.

Attila had a black stallion with star on his forehead that only he could ride, and after his death one his sons toke the stallion aut from the stables to tame him but he ran away. Angry son of Attila sent un his pursuit few soldiers riding on red mares, but at night when they were resting, mares fled with the stallion.He heard the call of his master finding the secret place of the tomb, where he remained to guard. It is said that at night the soul of Attila struddles handsome stallion galloping cross the endless plains of Europe.

The biggest attracion would be  the grave of Attila but he was buried in theree casket: one gold one silver and one iron along with  its weapons and jewelry. Among the treasures  buried in the tomb it is the sword of Attila – knows as „Sword of God”.

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