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Baziaș Monastery

Zlatița and Cusici Monasteries

About the establishment of the Bazias monastery and the locality wrote Jeremiah Lupulovic and Professor Borislav D. Krstic in their book “History of the Bazias settlement – the History of the Bazias Monastery”, which was published in 1998 at the Publishing House of the Romanian Union of Serbs.

Bazias is the place where the Danube enters Romania’s territory, a place filled with history and legends. The localitiy’s name is related to the first Serbian Archbishop, Saint Sava Nemanjic. The legend says he stopped in the area during a severe storm where the local wind, Coșava, was beating very hard, causing Saint Sava to shout, “Baș zias!” which in Serbian means “you really yell!”, hence the name of the place. The Saint Sava is considered to be the one that founded the monastery of Baziaș, Zlatița and Cusici in 1225. One interesting fact is that today the Cusici monastery is on Romania’s territory and the locality with the same name is in Serbia.

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