Iron Gates (Porţile de Fier) Natural Park

The Iron Gates Parc is a protected area established under Law No. 5/2000 on the approval of the National Spatial Plan – Section III – protected areas, as an area where remarkable beauty and the diversity of landscapes can be capitalized under unspoiled traditions, and the quality of community life can be the result of economic activities of residents, conducted in harmony with nature.

Iron Gates Natural Park correspond to IUCN category V: protected landscapes: protected area managed mainly for landscape conservation and recreation.

According to the O.U.G. 57/2007 on the regime of protected natural areas, conservation of natural habitats, flora and fauna, “natural parks protected areas are those whose goals are the protection and preservation of landscape in which the interaction of human activities with nature has created over time a distinct area with significant landscape and/or cultural value, often with high biological diversity”.

In the natural parks, traditional activities practiced by communities inside the park and in the immediate vicinity is permitted.

They aim to:

  • Protection and conservation of biological diversity, folk, cultural and landscape elements;
  • Developing harmonious relations between nature and society by promoting traditional land utilities and territorial resources without environmental impact;
  • Promoting tourism and recreation;
  • Encouraging educational activities;
  • Promoting scientific research and environmental condition monitoring
  • International cooperation and cooperation with the Djerdap National Park in the Republic of Serbia and other similar parks in EU countries.

Protected areas included in the Iron Gates Natural Park

In accordance with Law no. 5/2000 Order no. 552/2003 of M.A.P.A.M., H. G. no. 2151/2004 and OUG 57/2007, the Iron Gates Natural Park includes the following protected areas (reservations):

No. Name of protected area Reserve type IUCN category Area (ha)
1 Balta Nera -Dunăre [detalii ] mixed IV 10,0
2 Baziaş [ detalii ] mixed IV 170,9
3 Insula Calinovăţ [ detalii ] bird IV 24,0
4 Râpa cu lăstuni [ detalii ] mixed IV 5,0
5 Divici – Pojejena [ detalii ] bird IV 498,0
6 Valea Mare [ detalii ] botanică IV 1179,0
7 Peştera cu Apă din Valea Polevii mixed IV 3,2
8 Ostrovul Moldova Veche [ detalii ] bird IV 1627,0
9 Locul fosilifer Sviniţa paleontological III 95,0
10 Cazanele Mari si Cazanele Mici mixed IV 215,0
11 Locul fosilifer Bahna paleontological III 10,0
12 Dealul Duhovna forest IV 50,0
13 Gura Văii – Vârciorova mixed IV 305,0
14 Faţa Virului botanic IV 6,0
15 Cracul Crucii botanic IV 2,0
16 Dealul Vărănic mixed IV 350,0
17 Valea Oglănicului botanic IV 150,0
18 Cracul Găioara botanic IV 5,0

According to H. G. 1284/2007, in the Natural Park Iron Gates were established two Special Protection Areas, as part of the european ecological network NATURA 2000 in Romania, namely:

  • ROSPA0026 Danube, course Baziaş-Iron Gate, area of 10,124.4 ha;
  • ROSPA0080 Almaj-Locvei, area of 118,141.6 ha.

Also, according to the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Order 1964/2007, ROSCI0206 Iron Gate was declared as a site of Community importance , part of the european ecological network Natura 2000, with an area of 124,293.0 ha.

The presence of these Natura 2000 sites require the application of the current provisions on the procedure for carrying out an environmental condition evaluation, for plans and programs, and on the framework assessment procedure of environmental impact for all plans / programs and projects to be carried out in sites of Community importance.

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