Saint Helena Windfarm Park, Coronini – Belvedere point

The plateau of Saint Helena, which has 21 wind turbines, offers a dream view on the Danube and the Moldova Veche Ostrov island. Located near the Czech village of Saint Helena, is a good starting point for those who want to visit the Czech Community in the Danube Clisura, a stunning place with welcoming people who have kept the traditions and lifestyles of the first Bohemian colonizers, whom locals call “pemi” (bohemi/bohemians – pemi). Today there are 6 villages inhabited by Czechs settled by the Habsburg Empire in the early 19th century: Garnic /Gerník, Saint Elena /Svatá Helena, Bigar /Bigr, Ravensca/Rovensko, Eibenthal/Eibenthal and Sumita/Šumice.

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