Tabula Baross

The “written stone” or Tabula Baross (named according to the Roman model) is located on the left bank of the Danube on the DN 57, about 10 km downstream of Coronini.[BR]the inscription is placed on a rock in the area of Alibegul (the old villa of Coronini – former fishermen). It is approximately 10 m long and 7, 5 m wide. The text is displayed in 11 lines in Hungarian and is in block capitals. His translation into Romanian says:[BR]“the regularization of the iron Gate and other buckles regulated by Article 26 in the Law of 1888 began under the control of FRANCISC I , the Prime Minister being count IULIUS SZAPARY and Trade Minister GABRIEL BELLUSY BAROSS , On 15 September 1890.[BR]God’s blessing should be on this commemorative plaque and those who contributed to its erection.”[BR]the name of the inscription comes from the name of the Minister of Trade Bellusy Baross Gabor , who financed and responded to the works. The final solution of the Danube navigation problems in the Danube Clisura area has been accomplished today by building the energy system and sailing from the Iron Gates Dam between 1864 and 1971.
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